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To ALL who came out and stayed through the RAIN on Opening Day.

There were a lot of things we were unable to go over due to the weather, so stay tuned for info on here.

Team Announcements:

Tball LA Dodgers, Tball Mariners, Farm White Sox, Farm Brooklyn Dodgers, Minor LA Dodgers, Minor Brooklyn Dodgers, Major Orioles, Senior Pirtaes

Home Run Derby - will be rescheduled

Skills Competition - will be reshceduled

Adult Derby - will be rescheduled


We are moving to an ALL ONLINE Registration process.  Please be prepared for this during registration of the next season.  You will be able to register and pay online, and you will upload your Birth Certificates and Residency Paperwork, or School Verifications as well.


This League cannot run off of registrations alone.  The funds we receive from registrations barely cover the cost of lights and field permits, uniforms and umpires.  We rely solely on Fundraising to get us through each season. 

Some of the things we have to pay for are:

Field Maintenance and equipment, dirt, chalk, paint, mounds, game balls, practice balls, team equipment and bags, stocking the snack bar, score books, team first aid kits, and so much more.  And we want to save up for our very own SCORE BOARD!!!

While not all of our fundraisers are mandatory, we do ask that you participate in as many as you can.  Adult softball tourney, restaurant nights, and any others we come up with throughout the season.  We can't do this without you!!!

We Thank You for your support and look forward to seeing you and your kids ON THE FIELD!!!!!



New EPLL Board will be voted in at Closing Ceremonies in June 2018.  There is a signup sheet inside the snack bar and it will be there all season.  Please sing up if you are interested in joining the Board for the 2018-2019 Season!!!


It's a chance for us Adults to show the kids we can play, too!!!  And we can have fun and make money for the league in the process!!!

This is a FUNDRAISER for Evans Park Little League.  Please get with your kids teams parents and form an Adult team to play.!!!


Please see the attached link and information on the new rules for Bats.

You must provide THREE (3) Original proofs of residency.

There must be ONE (1) from EACH of the three (3) groups listed below.

They must be originals for bills – and they must include ALL of the pages.  So if your bill says page 1 of 7 (etc.) for example, then we must have ALL SEVEN (7) pages – even if they say intentionally left blank, or they are just ads, etc. We understand we cannot take the original for your vehicle registration, tax items, etc.  If you do not receive paper copies of your bill, then the online bill is fine and considered the original once printed.

The address on the proofs of residency MUST BE THE SAME AS THE REGISTERED ADDRESS OF THE PLAYER.  And they must also be IN THE SAME NAME as the Legal Guardian registering the player.

If there is an issue with the difference of the players last name due to step parents, marriage, etc, then we will also need a copy of the Marriage Certificate in addition to the rest of these items.


1. Driver License
2. School Records
3. Vehicle Records (i.e. registration, lease, etc.)
4. Employment Records
5. Insurance Documents


1. Welfare/child care records
2. Federal records (Federal Tax, Social Security, etc.)
3. State Records
4. Local (municipal) records
5. Support payment records
6. Homeowner or tenant records
7. Military records


1. Voter’s Registration
2. Utility bills (i.e. gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal)
3. Financial records (i.e. loan, credit, investments, etc.)
4. Medical records
5. Internet, cable, or satellite records


Please see the attached link and information on the new rules for Bats.


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Evans Park Little League

As the oldest league in Riverside, EPLL prides ourselves in sportsmanship.  Please enjoy this upcoming season by supporting the players and coaches in both dugouts, honoring the decisions of the umpires, and being respectful at all times.    

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